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How do you write about a man who made it a crime to imagine the death of the president?
While going through my 20 tabs and 200 pending I emails ( which were all marked as urgent) I came across an interesting study.I was trying as hard as possible to avoid the real work I was supposed to be doing and it accidentally ended up being productive. From a 2014 study, 20.9% of men have...
Ex Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI  yesterday announced the discovery of a new gospel which described in detail how Jesus got blow jobs from young boys as their way to heaven. This was a great relief to the Pontiff who in the past had to stretch his tongue and tie it in knots trying to justify sexual abuse in...
The Government of Kenya yesterday launched the M-Damu Bond. aimed at raising funds for the government through having citizens voluntarily, by force, donate their blood which would be sold in the international markets.
In a radical new campaign, the Tanzanian government has unveiled a grand new plan to tackle youth unemployment-Gladiators for Poverty
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